Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that about 90% of the population uses a search engine to find more about a product or a service?

Search Engine Optimization in Visakhapatnam, azoft solutions Google search alone handles around 1 billion searches per day. Notably, around 80% of the search engine users never go past the first page. Most of your competitors are vying for the customer's attention, and he will go to the most accessible right when he is searching. So what do you do when you need the consumer to find you before anyone else? Search engine marketing will help you achieve just that.

Finding a right SEM / SEO agency can be a challenge, especially since it handles a business critical activity for you. A long term and transparent partnership is much desired with someone who can work hard along with you to meet or exceed the SEM/ SEO goals.

As a digital agency with 12 years experience on all aspects of web communication, we look at providing a well rounded SEM strategy. One which understands both ends of the table, and can implement an approach which is transparent, ethical and sustainable. From keyword research and analysis, to website saturation and popularity and paid inclusions, we shoulder the responsibility to get you the worth for every penny you spend. CPC (cost per click), CTR (click though rate), Cost-Per-Transaction, Cost-Per-Lead are all metrics we use to monitor your growth story.

Our Search Engine Optimisation suite includes following services:
●     Search Engine Optimization
●     On Page Optimization
●     Off Page Optimization
●     FAQ's
●     Request a Proposal
●     Pay-per-click campaigns
●     Content creation and optimization
●     Banner Ads
●     Classified advertising

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